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Instructions to Reviewers : In conducting your technical review, please consider the guidelines shown on page two of this form. You may complete this form & put your comments in the database as follows :
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Acceptability for publication (Mark X):
( ) Accept, as is or with minor editorial changes or clarifications
( ) Provisionally Accept ( ) Minor technical issues need attention
( ) Minor problems exist in presentation (organization, length, logic, conclusions, etc)
( ) Provisionally not accept
( ) Significant technical issues need resolution
( ) Major problems exist in presentation (organization, length, logic, conclusions, etc)
( ) Not accept
( ) Subject matter is not suitable for IJHRMLP
( ) Technical content of article is not sound
( ) Technical content of article lacks sufficient substance
Specific comments (please use additional sheet as appropriate):
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Please comment on the following:
1.Abstract (purpose, methods, results, conclusion):
7.References (style, age)

The technical reviewers of articles to IJHRMLP should comment as follows:
•Is the rationale for this work well stated?
•Are the objectives clearly stated?
•Were sound methods used?
•Are assumptions described and their reasonableness supported or rejected?
•Are limitations and uncertainties in the data and analyses given?
•Were alternative hypotheses and interpretations adequately considered?
•Are the results presented in an objective, unbiased fashion?
•Were the objectives of the study met?
•Are the conclusions supported by the data?
•Is the organization of the article logic?
•Is the writing clear, concise and precise?
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