Volume: 01 / Number: 01 / January 2015

Medico Legal Issues in Health Research are Over Challenging Now
Putul Mahanta MD FIAMLE
DOI No : 05.2016-66969982

Emerging Trends Related to Consent and Medical Practice in India
Mukesh Yadav
DOI No : 05.2016-86675123

Agnosia. Apraxia and Disconnection Syndrome
Bhupen Barman, Lynrah KG., Warjri Synrang Batngen, Beyong Taso, Issar Neel Kanth, Ete Tony
DOI No : 05.2016-18756636

Body Donation and its Importance in Teaching of Anatomy
Sarma Amitav, Saikia Bishwajeet , Chandra Das Gautam
DOI No : 05.2016-64959193

Evidence-Based Practice-A Challenge for Nurses
Krishna Das
DOI No : 05.2016-79828142

Modern Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Sarmah PC
DOI No : 05.2016-26453541

Crimes Against Women: Analyzing Ground Realities in India- A Comparative Study
Mahanta Putul
DOI No : 05.2016-97554516

Suicide Among Adolescent and Young Adults
Das Nani Gopal, Singh Khangembam, PradipKumar, Naba chandra H
DOI No : 05.2016-92715143

Histo-Morphological Changes in Lungs with Asphyxial Death Cases
Gupta Ved Prakash
DOI No : 05.2016-17497239

A Study of hyoid Hone Fracture in Cases of Ante mortem Hanging
Baishya Manoj Kumar
DOI No : 05.2016-85936346

Level of Parents' Satisfaction with the Nursing Cure Received by their hospitalized Children
Deka Meghali, Das Krishna
DOI No : 05.2016-85323884

Fatal Air Embolism Following Dilatation and Curettage and Attempted Tubal Ligation
Debbarma Juthika, Debbarma Antara
DOI No : 05.2016-12879178

Von Hippel- Lindau Disease Imaging Findings A Single Case Report
Dutta Parul, Hazarika Karuna, Choudhury Jayeta
DOI No : 05.2016-82894273

Variant of Isodora Duncan Syndrome
YAdukul S, Shivakumar BC, Udaya Shankar
DOI No : 05.2016-55159692

Factors Influencing Hippuric acid as a Biomonitor for Toluene Exposure
Taher A. Suliman Khalifa
DOI No : 05.2016-65716596

Forensic Analysis of a Mandible- A Case Report on Bilateral Mandibular Permanent Central Incisor
Sarmah Pratap Chandra, Das Abhishek, Mishra Ashim, Sarma Kalyan
DOI No : 05.2016-32849985

Death as a Result of Body Packer's Syndrome
Bhise S.S., Chavan G.S., Nanandkar S. D., Chikhalkar B. G
DOI No : 05.2016-83775648

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