Peer Review Process

The Editor-in-Chief who determines whether the manuscript meets the requirements of the journal and is worth sending out for thorough review initially reviews manuscripts submitted to the IJHRMLP. If so, it is then assigned to three reviewers (using the Journal software MANAGER), who may include any member of the Editorial Board and/or other experts in relevant fields, as selected by the Editor-in-Chief for review in a double blind process. This peer review process is designed to assure that IJHRMLP publishes only original, accurate, and timely articles and essays that contribute to knowledge in the Health discipline.

Reviewers are asked to assess submissions based on depth of original research, accuracy, appropriate documentation, readability, and suitability of content.

Questions addressed include:

  • Is the subject within the scope of the journal?
  • Is the rationale for this work well stated?
  • Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Were sound methods used?
  • Are assumptions described and their reasonableness supported or rejected?
  • Are limitations and uncertainties in the data and analyses given?
  • Were alternative hypotheses and interpretations adequately considered?
  • Are the results presented in an objective, unbiased fashion?
  • Were the objectives of the study met?
  • Are the conclusions supported by the data?
  • Is the organization of the article logic?
  • Is the writing clear, concise and precise?

Reviewers Make One of Four Recommendations:

Acceptance, Provisional Acceptance With Revision, Provisional Non-Acceptance, or Rejection. Reviewers are asked to include comments explaining the recommendation.

Authors should expect to know the results of the manuscript peer review within two to four weeks or shorter period from the date of submission. Authors receive the reviewers’ comments and may often be asked to revise their manuscripts in line with the reviewers’ and/or editor’s suggestions. If the revised article is accepted for publication, the editor then determines the journal issue in which it will appear. An accepted article frequently appears in the next issue of the journal or within three months.

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IJHRMLP is an open-access journal, and the articles published are instantly available to read and use again. The published articles thus can be downloaded, shared, and reused without restriction if the contributing original authors are appropriately cited. Author(s) retain the copyright of their article, with articles licensed to AHRME and the journal following the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).
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