Estimation of Stature from Measurements of Hand Dimensions

AUTHOR(s) : Chikhalkar Bhalchandra G, Howal Prashant V, Bhinde Kuber J, Deshmukh S Shriya, Nanandkar D Sudhir
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Introduction: Estimation of Stature is sine qua non in the discipline of forensic anthropometry, especially in doubtful medico-legal cases with mutilated or amputated body parts. Aims: Our study aims to derive a correlation between hand length and stature, and to establish regression formulae to estimate stature when hand length is available. Methods: This study was undertaken on 114 females and 86 males (n= 200) of 17-23 years amongst the cosmopolitan population of Western India. The hand length was measured taking two parametersfrom the ulnar head and from the dorsal tubercle of Lister to the tip of the middle finger. Stature was measured with a stadiometer. Mathematical formulae were developed separately for both hands through linear regression. Results: We found a strong positive correlation of hand length and stature, the most significant being the left hand radial length (r= 0.8668). Conclusion: With a paucity of data of this kind in western India, an intelligent conjecture can be made using these regression formulae regarding the stature of an individual for identification purposes. This study also has application in the clinical scenario in diagnosing conditions like connective tissue disorders (disproportionate dimensions of the body).

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