Dexamethasone Cyclophosphamide Pulse Therapy in Pemphigus: A Retrospective Study of Factors Influencing Phase I

AUTHOR(s) : Agarwal Kumud, Barua Shyamanta, Adhicari Pankaj
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Introduction: The introduction of dexamethasonecyclophosphamide pulse (DCP) therapy for management of pemphigus has significantly reduced the mortality and morbidity associated with the disease. Although it is well established that phase I of DCP is the primary determinant of the duration and outcome of treatment, there are very few studies regarding factors that influence this phase of therapy. Objectives: This study was undertaken to analyze the relationship between various factors and duration of phase I. Methods: A retrospective analysis of 40 patients of pemphigus on DCP was conducted. Results: Disease severity in pemphigus significantly prolonged the duration of phase I of DCP. Other factors such as age, gender, type of disease, or presence of oral lesions were found to have no significant effect on duration of phase I. Conclusion: The observations of our study aid in addressing the concerns and expectations of pemphigus patients being treated with DCP regarding probable duration and outcome of therapy and lead to better management of the patient, and the disease.

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