Dental morphological anomalies in the adi Tribe of pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh

AUTHORS : Das Lima, Bhuyan AC, Kataki Rubi, Kalita Chandana
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Objective: To identify three dental morphological anomalies of permanent teeth namely Peg Laterals, Dens Evaginatus and Rudimentary third molars in the Adi tribe of Pasighat area of Arunachal Pradesh. Methods: Oral examination for morphological anomalies was done in 156 individuals using a dental mirror and probefor the said anomalies and a questionnaire with details relevant to the study was used during examination. Results: A total of 156 samples were screened and 35% presented with at least one anomaly out of which 31% had one anomaly, 4% had two anomalies and 0% had more than two anomalies. Total number of positive cases (both single and dual) for each of the anomalies was- Peg Laterals 25%, Dens Evaginatus 20% and Rudimentary third molar 4%. One other anomaly, i.e. Cusp of Carabelli not previously considered in this study was found in 22% of the cases.

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