Gender prediction: anthropometric study of mastoid process and foramen magnum

AUTHORS : Srinivasulu K, Bairagi KK, Sowmiya KR
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Introduction: Sex determination of human skeletal remains is considered as an initial step in identification. Sex determination of fragmented skeletal remains has immensely helped in identification of an individual. Foramen Magnum is an integral component of studies on skull in particular interest for anthropology, anatomy, forensic medicine, and other medical fields. Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of mastoid process and foramen magnum measurements as a tool for sex determination in unidentified skeleton. Methods: Seventy seven completely undamaged skulls of known sex in book record were used for the study. Adult crania (age ranges between 20 -70 years) of known sex were obtained from various sources. Adult skulls of mature individuals, without destruction of mastoid process in the region of the craniometrical points, were chosen for the study. Skulls that showed evidence of injury/ fracture or deformity were excluded from this study.

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