Management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis

AUTHORS : Gogoi Rahul, Prasanna A, Bora Debashree, Senapati Miklu, Sharma Arup
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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) ankylosis is a pathologic condition caused by fusion of the mandible to the mandibular fossa by bony or fibrous tissue. It is extremely disabling as it interferes with mastication, speech, oral hygiene and other day to day activities. It can also be life threatening when struggling to acquire airway in emergencies. In this case report we present 2 cases of TMJ ankylosis, the first Case is of a 10 year old female, where Gap arthroplasty was done to enable normal mouth opening. The second case is Final correction of severe Facial deformity due to TMJ ankylosis in a 24 year old female. Conclusion: It is important that TMJ Ankylosis is identified and corrected at an early age so as to prevent complications in future, to create awareness about TMJ disorders and their complete management. TMJ ankylosis normally requires multiple surgeries at different stages so as to obtain optimum results and to let the patient lead a normal life.

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