Management of complicated crown root fracture using orthodontic extrusion procedure

AUTHORS : Phukan Anuve Hrishi, Chopra Radhika, Bora Neelutpal, Sachdev Vinod
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Complicated crown-root fracture caused by a traumatic injury poses a treatment dilemma for the dentist as these teeth most often require multidisciplinary treatment approach. Management of such injuries can be done by various procedures such as surgical crown lengthening, extraction and orthodontic extrusion. In this case report we have treated a crown-root fracture by endodontic treatment followed by orthodontic extrusion/forced eruption and prosthetic rehabilitation with a crown. The treatment modalities basically include exposing the cervical margin of the tooth followed by appropriate coronal restoration. They all have their own limitations but orthodontic extrusion gives better results as compared to the others.

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