Effectiveness of information booklet on knowledge regarding acute respiratory infection among mothers

AUTHORS : Hijam Sonia1 , Dutta Arunjyoti2
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v4.i2.2018.7
DOI Link. :
Acute respiratory infection (ARI) is a serious infection that prevents normal breathing function. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of information booklet on knowledge regarding acute respiratory infection among mothers of fewer than five children. Methods: A pre - experimental design (one group pre test post test design) was undertaken in Dhirenpara, Guhawati, Assam. 60 mothers of under five children and purposive sampling technique was used. Pre-test knowledge was checked with structured questionnaires followed by distribution of information booklet and post test were conducted after 7 days. Results: Out of 60 mothers in pre-test knowledge, 15(25%) had inadequate knowledge, 30(50%) had moderately adequate knowledge and another 15(25%) mothers had adequate knowledge. After administration of information booklet during post test majority 48(80%) mothers had adequate knowledge, 12(20%) mothers had moderately adequate knowledge regarding ARI. The mean knowledge score in pre test was 11.56 with SD 4.33 and mean post test score was 17.43 with SD 2.83. The calculated value of Z is 8.89 which was higher than the tabulated value 2.33 at 0.01 level of significant. Conclusion: The information booklet was effective in increasing the knowledge on acute respiratory infection of mothers of fewer than five children

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