Predictors of falls and falls-related injury in elderly with mild cognitive impairment

AUTHORS : Saikia AM1 , Das AK2 , Goswami Kumaril3
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v4.i2.2018.12
DOI Link. :
Falls and Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI) are two important causes of disability in the elderly.There is tremendous impact on falls in elderly with MCI. Falls and falls related injuries make elderly more prone to frailty. Time Up and Go test is a tool for identifying risk of falls in this group. Howeverthere is paucity of information regarding falls in cognitively impaired elderly.Objectives: 1. To assess the risk of falls. 2. To find out the different predictors of falls in elders with MCI. 3. To assess different fall related injuries. Materials and Methods:A cross sectional community based study, was conducted in 10 randomly selected wards of Guwahati City. A total of 400 elders were studied. MCI was screened by Montreal Cognitive Assessment Scale, Timed Up and Go test was performed to assess the risk of falls. History of fall was obtained by asking questions on falls in last 12 months. Results: Overall falls prevalence was 19.5% whereas among MCI cases it was 39.74%fall in MCI was significantly associated with Gender and Timed Up and Go Test.Timed Up and Go Test is significantly associated with MCI among fallers. Chance of falls related injury is less in elders without MCI. Fracture was more in elders with MCI.Conclusion:Falls in elderly with MCI is significant issue which needs to be addressed in a holistic way.TUG can be used to assess the risk of falls in elderly with Mild Cognitive impairment.

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