A synonym to healing for perforation repair-MTA

AUTHORS : Shekhawat Krutika1 , Bora Proxima2 , Kataki Rubi3 , Bhuyan AC4
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v4.i2.2018.24
DOI Link. :
Root perforation is an iatrogenic communication between the root canal systems to the supporting tissues of teeth. Often, it is an accidental result of misaligned use of rotary burs during access preparation and location of root canal orifices. Other possible etiologic factors for perforation can be strip perforations during cleaning and shaping procedures, root resorption, defect created during post space preparation, perforation of floor of pulp chamber due to extension of carious lesion. The present case report throws light on the healing of rarefaction of the furcation area caused due to accidental perforation due to access cavity preparation. Endodontic treatment with placement of MTA as perforation repair material. Many materials have been reported as furcation repair materials but in the present case report MTA is used as a repair material which achieved excellent results. Mineral trioxide aggregate is a suitable material for the treatment of root perforations, with the goal of regenerating periodontal attachment.

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