A study of hypertension and its risk factors among females of reproductive age group

AUTHORS : Borah Debajani1, Deka RS2
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v5.i1.2018.8
DOI Link. :

The prevalence of hypertension has increased over the last decade. The lifetime risk of becoming hypertensive in industrialized countries was estimated to exceed 90%. Objectives: To assess the association of hypertension and its risk factors among female of reproductive age group of Guwahati, Assam. Materials and methods: The present study is a cross-sectional study carried out in urban areas of Guwahati city among women of reproductive age group. Among the study population of 100, a predesigned and pre-tested interview schedule was used to record the sociodemographic and risk factors of hypertension, height, weight and blood pressure of participants. Descriptive and inferential statistics was used to find out the association of hypertension with the selected risk factors. Results: The percentage of prehypertensive was 60%, stage- 1 hypertensive was 24, and stage-2 hypertensive was 2%. There was a significant association of hypertension with overweight, physical activity, socio-economic status, and intake of extra-salt in diet. Conclusion: The prevention and control of hypertension is a major concern because it is a major modifiable risk factor for coronary artery diseases and stroke. It is also necessary to control the B.P as early as possible to prevent end organ damage. The warning remains stark. The problem already extends far beyond the capacity of the developing countries to cope.

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