Relationship between body mass index with eruption of thirdpermanent molar teeth

AUTHORS : Deka SJ, Mahanta Putul, Doungel Nomi, Bora Neelutpal, Dutta Jahnobi, Thakuria KD
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v5.i2.2019.17

Objective: The aim of the study is to investigate therelationship between the nutritional status and the permanenteruption of the third molar teeth aged 13-26 years.Introduction: It is known that chronology of dentaldevelopment is less variable than the bone development andthe method applied for this particular period of life is areliable indicator of age. Though eruption of teeth may beaffected by dietary variation, the eruption time for teeth arefairly constant. Materials and methods: It is a cross-sectionalprospective study conducted among the people aged 13-26years through a, questionnaire over 100 participants. Results:A total of 51% male and 49% female were participated inthis study. Out of 25 participants of complete third molareruption, majority 52% (13) participants were belonging tofemale. In this study, the percentage of complete third molareruption among the participants with different Body MassIndex(BMI) categories like underweight, normal andoverweight were 7, 16 and 2 respectively. Conclusion:Thesefindings suggest a relationship between nutritional status witheruption of third permanent molars. As the complete eruptionof third molar is less with underweight and obese individuals,initiatives should be undertaken for health promotion amongthe common people regarding oral health and healthy eating.

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