Emerging infections: shewanella in lactational breast abscess

AUTHORS : Sharma Mitrajit, Das PK, Das PP, Malakar Jaydeep
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v5.i2.2019.19
DOI Link. :
Shewanella spp. is saprophyte bacteria that are part of the marine microflora in warm climates and they are rarely pathogenic. In recent times, the incidence of Shewanella infections is in the rising trend. In humans, it is mostly isolated from cellulitis, abscesses, bacteremia and wound infections and with no literature suggesting its isolation from lactational breast abscess. The case was managed by incision and drainage with proper antibiotic coverage. This case study suggests that Shewanella infection is more widespread and not just limited to coastal areas, with exposure to sea water and marine product ingestion. In addition, the unexpectedly multi –drug resistant isolate raises concern.

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