Open thoracotomy and decortication for chronic empyemathoracis: our experience

AUTHORS : Bhattacharyya DK, Bhattacharyya DK
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Introduction: Decortication for chronic empyema thoraciscan be performed either by open thoracotomy or by minimallyinvasive procedure i.e. Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery(VATS). As we donít have facility for VATS, we are treatingall chronic empyema thoracis by thoracotomy. The objectiveof this study is to review all cases of empyema thoracictreated by open thoracotomy and decortication and analyzeoutcome of treatment. Materials and method: Records ofthe entire patient treated by open thoracotomy anddecortication for chronic empyema thoracis over a periodof three years from 2015 to 2017 were reviewedretrospectively and analyzed. Results: In total, 39 patientshad undergone open thoracotomy and decortications forchronic empyema thoracic during this period. 37 of themhad excellent recovery and return to normal activities within4 weeks time. 2 patients had prolonged air leak and recoveryperiod was prolonged for them. Conclusion: Chronicempyema thoracic can be treated by open thoracotomy anddecortications with low mortality and morbidity.

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