Craniocerebral gunshot injury with no neurological deficit: the trending neurosurgical challenge.

AUTHORS : Sharma Mitrajit, Barooah RK, Malakar Jaydeep, Sudhy IK
DOI No. :

ABSTRACT : Penetrating brain injury is a traumatic brain injury caused by high-velocity projectiles or low-velocity sharp objects. A wound in which the projectile breaches the cranium but does not exit is referred to as a penetrating wound. A large number of these patients who survive their initial wound will nevertheless expire shortly after admission to the hospital. Here we discuss a case of penetrating bullet injury in a civilian, who presented with no neurological deficit and the management of the case along with a short discussion on the various presentation of the case and their respective neurosurgical management.

Keywords: Penetrating brain injury; civilian bullet injury; neurosurgery; neurology.

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