Agenesis of the greater omentum with primary abdominalcocoon: experience of two cases

AUTHORS : Ganguly NN, Bhattacharjee Nilutpal, Bhoumick Rituparna, Baruah AR, R Anoop
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Agenesis of the greater omentum along with primaryabdominal cocoon is a rare condition. It is characterized bytotal or partial encasement of the small bowel inside amembranous bag. We report two cases of primary cocooncausing intestinal obstruction.The first case was encounteredin the year 1998 and it was presented in a local conferenceas well as the Journal of the Association of the Surgeonsof Assam. Long 21 years passed before we faced anothercase of agenesis of the greater omentum with primaryabdominal cocoon causing acute dynamic small bowelobstruction. Both the cases were explored for unresolvedobstruction and on table findings suggested primaryabdominal cocoon. The findings were compared during thesecond case and the peculiarities were better noted, especiallythe agenesis of the greater omentum, presence of freeperitoneal bodies. Photographs were taken.

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