Virtopsy: a recent advancement in traditional necropsy

AUTHORS : Pathak MK, Jha SS
DOI No. :

ABSTRACT : Virtopsy is "Virtual Autopsy." Virtopsy is a virtual alternative to a traditional autopsy, conducted with scanning and imaging technology. Radiographic methods were used to forensically analyse the victimís remains which aid the legal judgment. This instance is commonly heralded as the birth of virtopsy. Virtopsy has four cornerstones. It uses an all-in-one machine called "Virtobot" which integrates the four imaging modalities mentioned above to practice virtopsy. The dissection of body is minimal, thus providing a more humanitarian approach. Infections and health hazards for forensic experts can be reduced.

Keywords: Virtopsy; MSCT; virtobot; virtomobile; artefacts.

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