Child abduction homicide by adolescent perpetrators: a rarecase report

AUTHORS : Deepmalya Sengupta, Sujash Biswas
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v6.i2.2020.13

Cases of child abduction and homicide though rare but are often overwhelming due to the public and media attention. While numerous studies on child abuse and neglect have been conducted throughout the country and worldwide, research on child abduction and homicide remains scant. We report such a case of a child who was abducted and eventually smothered to death by a couple of adolescent perpetrators. We also intend to better understand these types of child abduction homicides and to analyze strategies that will help to revamp the expertise into such criminal investigations.
Keywords: Child abduction; homicide, smothering; juvenile hate crimes; adolescents.

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