The spectrum of dermatoses of pregnancy in a tertiary care centre of Northern Assam: a cross-sectional study

AUTHORS : Teron Binita, Deka Jatindra, Phukan Debasish, Deka Gitanjali
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Background and aims: During pregnancy, various metabolic, hormonal, and immunological changes occur, which may trigger different skin changes and alter the course of pre-existing dermatological diseases. The present study aims to determine the prevalence of dermatoses of pregnancy and its various clinical spectrum in this region. Materials and methods: A one-year cross-sectional study was conducted at a tertiary care hospital of Assam from July 2018 to June 2019. Pregnant women with cutaneous manifestations, irrespective of their gestational age, were included after full informed consent. A detailed history of obstetrics, medical and family history was taken from the selected patients. Clinical examinations and laboratory tests were performed. Data were documented on a predesigned proforma. The data were analysed using Microsoft- Excel and have presented as frequency and percentages. Results: Out of 5558 pregnant women, 150(2.69%) women had dermatoses. Most of the patients were primigravida (52%) and at their third trimester (62%). The most common symptom was pruritus (52%), and hyperpigmentation was the most common physiological cutaneous change (94.6%). Striae distensae was most observed over the abdomen (80%). Common sites of pigmentation were the external genitalia (93.3%) and breast (91.3%). Vascular changes were observed in 55(36.6%) patients. Out of the 150 cases, 15(10%) subjects had specific dermatoses of pregnancy, 89(59.3%) had an infection, and 12 patients had non- infective dermatoses. Conclusion: Pregnant women are prone to suffer from a wide range of various dermatological problems. A conscientious and meticulous search into all cutaneous pregnancy complaints will decrease the incidence of dermatoses of pregnancy.


Keywords: Dermatoses; pregnancy; hyperpigmentation; physiological cutaneous change, striae distensae.

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