Humanity in danger

AUTHOR(s) : Kumar RV, Yadaiah A, Subhedar A
DOI No. : 10.31741/ijhrmlp.v9.i2.2023.10


According to the police inquest, the deceased, a 4-year-old female child, fell accidentally from stairs on 19/12/2022 at around 02:00 am, cried and slept. The next day morning, when her father tried to wake her up, she didn't wake up and didn't even respond. The patient was admitted to Osmania General Hospital in due course of treatment, and the patient was declared dead on Dec 21 2022. On post-mortem examination, multiple patterned contusions suggestive of teeth bite marks over the face and upper limbs. Multiple contusions and abrasions are present over the face, neck, back of chest and front of both the thighs. All the injuries were of different ages. Internally, contusion was noted over the inner surface of the scalp and subdural hematoma on opening the skull vault. Contusions were noted over retroperitoneal tissue and the fundus of the uterus. Abnormal dilatation of the vagina and anus was noted, along with abrasions of various ages present inside the vaginal and anal introitus. The hymenal tear was also noted. Swabs from vaginal and anal introitus preserved for DNA analysis turned out to be negative. The cause of death was given as 'head injury and its complications with signs suggestive of repetitive forceful penetration of vagina and anus'.

Keywords: Patterned contusions; contusions; linear abrasions; subdural hematoma; Hymenal tears.

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