"Say no to surgery"-nonsurgical management of periapical lesions

AUTHORS : Bora Proxima, Shekhawat Krutika, Kataki Rubi, Bhuyan AC
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Periapical lesions develop as sequelae to pulp disease. It is accepted that all periapical lesions should be initially treated with conservative nonsurgical procedures. It is a general belief that large periapical lesions will not heal by nonsurgical endodontic treatment and needs surgical intervention. Nonsurgical or conservative management of large periapical lesions. Endodontic treatment with the placement of calcium hydroxide as intracanal medicament. Enhanced healing of the periapical lesions with successful resolution of signs and symptoms both clinically and radiographically. Non surgical endodontic treatment performed with adequate cleaning and shaping, irrigation, canal disinfection and judicious use of intracanal medicament can result in the regression of large periapical lesions.

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